New packaging introduced at Orlando’s Surf Expo reduces carbon footprint.
Earth friendly surfboard repair innovations

Orlando, Florida, January 10, 2014 – Phix Doctor announced earth friendly packaging for its entire line of premium surfboard repair products today at Surf Expo.

“It’s amazing how much of a difference you can make when you simply commit to doing the right thing,” said Phix Doctor Founder/CEO Tony Gowen. “In our case, striving for a ‘green footprint’ ended up being green in two senses: ecological responsibility and significant cost reductions.”

The new packaging, officially introduced here at the world’s largest surf industry trade show, reduced the amount of material required to package the same amount of product by 30%. More importantly, the new recyclable flexible plastic used in the packaging brings in cost savings on both shipping and storage as well as reducing the volume that winds up in landfills. The net effect is that the new flexi-packaging reduces Phix Doctor’s carbon footprint to about 4.5% of the impact of the rigid plastic used by its competitors.

This is just the latest in Phix Doctor’s quest to bring ecological sensitivity to a chemical-based business. Since its founding in 2010, the Company has always developed new products with an eye towards minimizing environmental impact.

Since Day One, Phix Doctor has followed a program of reclaiming and reusing fiberglass cutaways from its many neighbors in the surfboard and SUP manufacturing business.

Phix Doctor also is the first repair products company to source and use pine tree sap in the manufacture of the highest performance sustainable epoxy resin on the market today. Further, more than half of the Phix Doctor line is styrene-free. This reduces repair professionals’ exposure to dangerous chemicals and yields a premium product with extended shelf life, reducing the tremendous waste caused by products hardening on store shelves before ever getting to the customers.

Underscoring its commitment to the environment, Phix Doctor donates a percentage of its online sales to the Surfrider Foundation.

About Phix Doctor

Based in Brevard County, the epicenter of Florida’s surfing industry, Phix Doctor was founded in August, 2010 by Tony Gowen with the goal of creating innovative surfboard repair products to keep pace with the sweeping changes in surfboard manufacturing processes and materials. Gowen’s history in the business dated back to the early 1980s when he developed and sold board repair products in Hawaii, California and Japan. Among the innovations already brought to market by Phix Doctor are: endless shelf life for premium products, ecologically designed packaging, airplane carry-on approval from the FAA, mail certification from the US Postal Service, an ultraviolet curing light and a fully functional micro-kit for instant emergency board repairs.

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