What Customers are Saying About Phix Doctor Ding Repair Kits & Ding Repair Resins

With soap and water cleanup, endless shelf life, and even compatible with all types of boards (conventional PU, epoxy, and even Surftech), way better than the old tubes of Solarez that always seemed to harden up on the shelf. This stuff is definitely going to go in my camper’s repair kit, not just for surfboards but for any type of fiberglass repair.

As with all UV activated repair products, it cures best when covered with a piece of transparent plastic (which you’d probably want to use anyway to smooth out the patch).

Buy it and take it on your surf trip, better safe than sorry. Fixed a reef gash in Puerto Rico and a transport crack in Nicaragua, both would’ve sidelined me if I didn’t have this kit. In Nica we repaired a completely broken in half board with one of these kits – back in the line up in no time.

This kit has most everything you will need. I had an old tube of SunCure epoxy which seemed to no longer cure in the sun. This tube worked out well, and I used it to repair the tail of one of those Surftech softtops. After peeing back the foam top, I applied this stuff and used saran wrap to smooth it out while drying.

I definitely recommend using Saran wrap or some other clear smooth plastic to cover it while curing to minimize sanding after the cure. The clear plastic sheets they include are good for dime size dings on the middle surface of your board, just not around the rails because the sheets are not stretchy like saran wrap.

This stuff is awesome. I use it like the solarez wahoo guy does and it works great. After I let it sit in the sun with a smoothy sheet for 45 seconds I take iT out of the sun and smooth out the edges of the resin to the original fiberglass so it’s flat as possible. Then I put it back in the sun for a full cure. I have used wax paper, ceram wrap, and the smoothies that come with the bottle. All work great. The ceram wrap is great for awkward places like the crease in a swallow tail. Just gotta work out the creases and waves before you put it in the sun. This stuff sands great too. I wish they made a special hot coat bottle. And wish it came with catalyst for foggy days. Haven’t tried the flashlights yet. Comes with a quick foam pad but I got sand paper on amazon for 5 bucks and it comes with all the grits you need 100 150 and 220. Sand paper sheets are better for rails.

Idiot proof to use. Simply scuff up the surface with the supplied sandpaper, squeeze out a dab of the stuff onto the board, smooth it out with the supplied Popsicle stick, cover it with a thin piece of supplied plastic…..wait 10 minutes with it sitting in the sun….board is repaired

Way better then Solarez, for me the main issue is the shelf life, all the other brands get hard after the first use, so a few months later, or a year later when you need it its gone hard! Its super clear and works great, but for me its the shelf life that matters so I don’t need to burn a new tube with each ding repair. It does work a lot better if you use the plastic sheets to cover it before moving it into the sun.