SunPowered Mondo Dura Resin Fiberfill Tube 2 oz


Dura Resin Fiberfill Tube
Finally… One Ultra Clear and Strong Resin that’s Safe for all Surf Boards… Dura Resin by Phix Doctor!

1 MINUTE CURE – SunPowered, Fiber-filled Dura Resin Includes a Dual Grit Sand Pad and Smoothy Sheets. Safe For Epoxy and Poly Boards. The Super Mini is Airline Approved and Delivers Fast, Pro Finish, Permanent Results with Endless Shelf Life Guaranteed!


Is a clear plastic cover always needed for proper curing?
Yes, a clear cover sheet (any clear plastic will do) provided with the tube of resin should be applied to the wet resin before moving the repair to the sun light. The cover sheet creates an oxygen free environment that allows the resin to fully cure in as little as one minute.

Is Dura Resin safe for my ultra light epoxy board?
Yes, Dura Resin is safe for ultra light foam cores in epoxy or polyester boards. For thick amounts of Dura Resin or any uv activated resin, its best to move the repair in and out of direct sunlight in 10 or 15 second intervals to avoid overheating the delicate foam.


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